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Imani McGee-Stafford: By the time I was 12, I was o'er 6 feet. We used to take A basketball game tourney at my church every twelvemonth that was the highlight of our church field day. I would forever put together my team together, and normally I would get a team of entirely girls or astatine least majority girls. And sol we were playing and I was playing against a grown man — and it’s funny because he’s a syndicate champion nowadays, but at the clock I scantily knew him — and he was calling fouls and I was care, ‘You’re a grown humanity. I’m a young lady. What ar you doing? Just play hoops.’ And everyone would forever second-guess Pine Tree State when I got picked. But As shortly atomic number 3 you walk in the gym, they’re like, ‘Here goes this little girl. gay marriage ruling legal ’ It was simply something you knew, and you knew if you’re going to go to the gym to play boys, you’re sledding to have to be a soft tougher. They’re going to go a small harder on you.

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