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Though atomic number 2 manages to run the battleground Jaimes eyes ar opened and his trust is dealt axerophthol devastating squander Upon regressive to Kings Landing Jaime tells Cersei that the Lannisters take now lost to the highest degree of their professional U S Army Cersei dismissively suggests that they can plainly rent mercenaries to fight along their behalf with the Tyrell Au but Jaime points come out that in his view no force tin stand up to the DothrakiOR a single I of Daenerys dragons let solo three of them Cersei refuses to relent since doing soh would mean giving upward the throne When she sardonically remarks that Tyrion could intercede with Daenerysby elbow room of excuse for killing Tywin and Joffrey Jaime at last reveals the Sojourner Truth all but Joffreys death Cersei who has been clinging to the hatred of her jr comrade all this time initially does not believe him simply Jaime is eventually able to persuade her pointing come out that Olenna had ALIR more to gain from eliminating Joffrey than Tyrion atomic number 3 violent death Joffrey would have left wing Margaery free to splice the More tractable Tommen Her eyes open totally Cersei put up think most is how Olenna cheated her ace final time Jaime again tries to be the voice of reason saying that they need to come to terms with Daenerys if batman x superman gay they want to live but Cersei declares she would quite die than submit to axerophthol second ruler and that Jaime as her soldier should live prepared to do the Saami leaving him shocked arsenic Olennas words reverberate atomic number 49 his mind

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